Save Time and Effort by Scheduling Snow Removal Services

We can help you prevent slips, falls and accidents on your property in Cedar Rapids, IA

Snowy sidewalks and driveways can lead to serious accidents and injuries. You can take a simple step to keep your property safe this winter by hiring Andy's Lawn Care for snow removal services in and around Cedar Rapids, IA. We have the equipment needed to remove snow quickly and efficiently.

Don't get up early on snowy days to shovel your driveway - we can take care of that for you. Contact us today to arrange for snow removal and sidewalk salting services.

Expect thorough snow removal services from our pros

Expect thorough snow removal services from our pros

Are you prepared for winter weather? Call 563-920-4254 now to set up recurring snow removal services. On snowy days, we'll stop by your home or commercial facility and:

Plow your driveway or parking area
Remove snow from your sidewalk
Take care of porch step, walkway and sidewalk salting

You can depend on us to do the job right the first time. We'll go above and beyond to ensure that your driveway and walkways are clear so you can conduct business as usual throughout the winter.