Is Your Yard a Big Mess?

Tidy it up with our weed removal services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Andy's Lawn Care can restore order to your yard. We'll clean it up when you don't have the time or equipment needed. We'll get it looking tidy, beautiful and like a different landscape altogether. If a storm wreaks havoc on your flower beds and mulched areas, you can count on us to restore order and make things look even better than they did before the damage occurred.

Cleanup services we offer include:

Tidying up mulched areas
Weed removal for messy flower beds
Weed eating overgrown areas
Bush and edge trimming
Mowing grass

Get your lawn cleaned up today. Call us at 563-920-4254 for lawn cleanup services in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Benefits of cleaning up your yard

Benefits of cleaning up your yard

Don't panic if a thunderstorm scatters debris all over your yard. Our professional cleanup services will transform your ragged lawn from unsightly to appealing. We can do everything from weed removal to edge trimming.

Cleaning up your yard can also remove the mold, bacteria and diseases that fester in organic debris. It can help keep invasive insects away and minimize your cleaning workload for the following season, as well.

Clean up your yard and enhance its visual appeal. Call us today at 563-920-4254.